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Mustard oil

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is produced under a traditional technology of Volgograd Mustard Oil Plant Sarepta LLC.

Sarepta mustard oil is produced according to GOST 8807-94 from low erucidic breeds of Oriental mustard seeds by single stage pressing with the pressing temperature no more than 75˚С.


Mustard oil is suitable for salad dressings, potato and fish frying, baking, food cooking and homemade preserves.

Mustard oil is used:


in baking industry; It gives nice golden color to crust, smell and pungent sweetish flavor to baked products, increases shelf life and is good for man’s health.


for mayonnaise production;


for soap making in soap production; Mustard oil addition provides defense skin layer recovery, softening and nutrition, allows to fully exclude animal fats.


for hard edible fats production;


as an additive to feed for poultry and as a growth-stimulating substance for animals;


for coolant-cutting fluids production.


Regarding its organoleptic and physicochemical indices mustard oil meets the following requirements:

Density (at 20°C), g/cm 0.913-0.923
Refractive index (at 20°C) 1.470-1.474
Viscosity (at 20°C), cP 74-120
Solidification temperature, °C 16°C below zero
Color Yellow
Odor Peculiar
Transparency Transparent
Presence of free fatty acids, mg of KOH 1.5-6.0
Moisture content, % 0.1-1.3
Saponification number, mg of KOH 170-184
Iodine number, % of iodine 92-107
Tocopherols fraction of total mass, mg % 28-33
Phosphatides fraction of total mass 0.14-0.60


Caprin up to 0,1
Lauric up to 0,2
Myristic up to 0,8
Palmitic 1,0-4,9
Palmitoleic up to 0,5
Stearic 1,0-2,1
Oleic 11,0-45,0
Linoleic 9,0-33,0

% to fatty acid total

Arachic 0,9-2,0
Gondoinic 6,5-14,0
Eicosadienic up to 0,6
Behenic 0,5-3,0
Erucic up to 5,0
Docosadienic up to 1,0
Lignocerinic 1,0-2,0
Nervonic up to 2,3